6 Aug

Hey guys!! Sorry for no. posts. at. all.

Ya see, i don’t normally post on my wordpress blogs.

I’ve stopped fantage blogging for sometime.

So check out my blogs,


and lifeaccordingtocloudy.blogspot.com

Since y’all are thirsty, im going to give away items!

I’m basically cleaning out my whole inventory!

Its not EXACTLY free but, best offer wins!  I’ll accept the best offer either tomorrow or today at night. Offer Quickly!


27 Apr

Click here to view the original post:http://fantagenature.blogspot.com/2013/04/birthday-party30000-views-party.html From my Main blog Fantage Nature:     WOOT WOOT DA WOOT!!! WE GOT OVER 30,000 VIEWSSSSSSSSSSS! PARTAHHHH!!! Oh and guess what is next Wednesday? MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :D   So here is the party thang! Woot woot da woot! :D As a birthday present… PLEASE STOP COPYING ME. -_- Its been reported 7 times that my account is being sold on facebook… I am SUPER, UBER, PISSED. Lisa Kwong was kind enough to remove it when i asked her nicely..   About the WHAT in the invitation… I EXCEPT A PRESENT FROM ALL YA BITCHES!!! LOL jk But i really would like one :3 Party as in acting high… But i always act high… Dares… BWAHAHAHHA! You have to do EVERY DARE even if its so evil This will be an AWESOME PARTAH. YA MUST MUST MUST COME. MUSTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Otherwise this will be just like any other suck party i have… OnO


25 Feb

I am so mad right now!!! Someone is pretty much SELLING my account! TWO people have told me that!!! I am SO mad. They used a picture of my idfone i posted on my blog. I am so mad that this person LIED.

I am SO mad.person

Who would do such a thing!? Oh right. THAT GUY. I am NO longer a member. I also SPENT all my ecoins. I have a STRONG urge to curse loudly but i will keep my cool. The page is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-fantage-account/477505062286541

I am so ticked off…. In other words aprespt i have decided to do it like you and write all over my pictures from now on -.-



I have NO idea what to do.

Hey :)

26 Jan

Hi im Cloudy! This is the wordpress fantage aloe! PLEASE visit fantagealoe.blogspot.com! It is my main blog! Since i cant really move this eh whatever! The more advertising the better! 🙂